4 Car Lockout Scenarios that an Automobile Locksmith Can Resolve

Being locked out of an automobile can be a frustrating experience, and these incidents often seem to happen at the least convenient times. However, those who find themselves without their car keys can call a local locksmith to help them get back on the road quickly. Here are four common reasons drivers may unexpectedly need locksmith services.

1. When Keys Go Astray

Lost and misplaced keys are top reasons locksmiths are sought out by car owners. When this occurs, owners are encouraged to take a few moments to write down their automobile’s vehicle identification number (VIN) which can typically be found on your registration papers or near the dashboard or inside the driver-side door frame. Give this information to the lock professional you contact along with the year, make and model of your vehicle. This ensures the technician sent to you is properly equipped to replace your keys fast.

2. Locking the Keys in the Car or Trunk

Keys can slip out of your hands or bag when loading up the trunk or the door may accidentally close with the keys inside. While it may be tempting to use a wire hanger or screwdriver to attempt entry, this can damage your car, set of the alarm system that disables your vehicle or break off into the cylinder and require an extraction or replacement. It’s best to call a professional with the proper tools and know-how for assistance in this lockout situation.

3. Snapped or Stuck Keys

Those using traditional key-lock doors instead of click-access fobs might be using a worn key that can break off, leaving a portion stuck within the lock cylinder. Stubborn lock cylinders can also cause keys to become lodged. In these situations it might be necessary to call in a locksmith for assistance unless a spare is on hand. These professionals can extract whole or broken keys and can even replace your lock cylinders and keys if necessary.

4. Transponder and Key Fob Programming Issues

Most modern vehicles come with key fobs to open doors and perform other tasks such as deactivating the alarm. When these fail either due to battery failure or a glitch in the programming, you likely won’t be able to start the car due to alarm disabling features. With transponder vehicles that require two units, it can be particularly necessary to seek locksmith Toronto services, as these aren’t as easy to replace as a simple cutting of a key. A reliable lock out expert can help re-program both fobs and transponders.

Whether you’ve locked your keys in the car or trunk, simply misplaced them, have a stuck or broken key or a failing fob or transponder issue, you can rely on a reputable lock-out professional to get you back on the road quickly.

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