5 Advanced Locks a Locksmith Can Talk to You About

Whether you’re looking to tighten security at your home or business, it’s important to discuss options with a locksmith. There are all sorts of new and advanced systems that are available. Not all locks work for every situation, however. This is why you want to depend on the wealth of knowledge that locksmiths can offer.

#1: Grade 1 Locks
Grade 1 locks are considered high-security locks. There are not many moving parts, so they are difficult to pick. There are unique pin configurations with every lock, which means that a person can’t come along and get into a door unless they have a key.

Additionally, grade 1 locks are designed as deadbolts. It adds the added level of security that you may be looking for in your home or business.

#2: Mortise Cylinders
Mortise cylinders have been around for hundreds of years. They are still manufactured because of the level of security that they offer. The cylinders are virtually impossible to pick, ensuring that you have a good lock on interior or exterior doors.

Many manufacturers offer mortise locks. When you work with a locksmith, you can receive recommendations on a manufacturer and model that will meet the needs for your property.

#3: Bluetooth Locks
Technology has been rapidly improving. There are now locks that don’t require a key. If you have a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity, then you have the means to lock and unlock your door. The door lock has a computer interface. You then sync it with your smartphone so that you can lock your door.

The added benefit to this is that there usually is another way to get in the door. If someone doesn’t have a device that synchs with your door, you can provide them with a key or a code. A locksmith will be able to tell you about the variations that are available on the market.

#4: Fingerprint Locks
For years, movies showed people getting into doors using just their fingerprint. Technology has made this a reality now. You go through some programming initially to make sure that your fingerprint is in the system. From there, you can open a door simply by pressing your fingerprint to the reader. If you place it on a work door, you can also remove fingerprints in the event that you have employees leave.

Fingerprint locks are just one of the many keyless entry door locks that are available. You will also be able to find ones that read retinas, signatures, and more.

#5: Security Code Locks
Security code locks are ones that open and close based on five or six-digit combinations. You simply decide on a code and that will open the lock. Everyone with that code will be able to gain entry. If you want to lock down security, you simply change the code. It makes it easier than having to change the keys each time someone leaves the company or you have a tenant that moves out.

Once you know more about the locks that are available to you, a locksmith Toronto can provide the complete installation. They will show you what needs to be done to set up the codes and how to take care of the locks. From there, you can have a higher level of security in place at your home or business.

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