7 Tips to Keep Your Home and Business Door Locks in Good Working Order

You depend on the door locks in your home and business to keep you safe and secure. To do their jobs properly, you need to keep those locks in good condition. Here are seven ways you can make sure your locks will continue working without the need for a locksmith.

1. Lubrication

Regular door locks are mechanical devices. That means that they have moving parts that move together. To keep the movement smooth and trouble-free, the lock needs lubrication. Locksmiths recommend adding lubricant to the lock once a year and more often if the lock gets a lot of use. Always use Teflon-based lubricants as they are long lasting and well proven.

2. Properly Hung Doors

When a door is hung at a bad angle, it puts pressure against the lock. That can cause the lock to bind up or fail completely. That may leave you locked in or out, depending on when the failure occurred. The door should have a uniform gap around all edges, ideally betwen 1/8″ and 1/4″. If your door is not properly hung, get a specialist to correct the issue.

3. Prevent Sagging

If your door is properly aligned now, that doesn’t mean it won’t begin to sag at some point in the future. To prevent sagging, you need to secure the hinges with extra long screws (3″ minimum) that bite into the wood. This will help keep the door properly aligned.

4. Proper Lock Alignment

The door lock should align with the strike plate so the door latches and unlatches properly. If either side of the lock is out of alignment, you may have to push, pull or lift the door to engage the lock. This puts stress on the locking mechanism and can cause it to fail. The fix might be as simple as moving the strike plate. Or it might require the services of a locksmith Toronto to correct.

5. Keys from the Original

When making copies of any key, it is best to make it from the original. Key copies are never an exact duplicate of the original. There are always slight differences. If you make a copy of a copy, then the differences will become greater. To ensure the lock works with every key, always keep an original as the master.

6. Tighten Things Down

Screws can work loose over time. That can leave you with a loose knob or deadbolt. That defeats the purpose of having a secure locked door. If the door knob or strike plates are loose, it is easy to tighten them back up with a simple screwdriver. A few seconds of work will keep your home or business secure.

7. Match the Grade Lock to Its Use

Match the lock grade to the door use. If your main entrance gets a lot of traffic, you don’t want a door lock rated for light use. Swapping it out for the appropriate grade lock will help keep it working smoothly without the worry the lock will fail prematurely. You can swap a Grade 3, meant for residential, for a Grade 2 that is rated for light commercial without giving up on style. If you already have a Grade 2, you can always opt for a Grade 1, which is the highest rating possible.

These tips will help keep your door locks in good condition and keep your home and business safe for years to come. What else do you do to maintain your door locks?

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