Evaulate Your Garage Door Lock for Maximum Security

Coming home to find a burglary has taken place can be jarring and traumatizing. You may feel frightened and nervous that the thieves will come back. Your sense of peace and security may be shattered. You will almost certainly be angry. Part of locksmithing is helping people feel safe again.

After you call the police your next call should be to a locksmith Toronto. Ideally, you will call a locksmith in order to prevent a burglary in the first place.

A good locksmith will evaluate the locks on all points of entry. One lock often oveelooked by homeowners is the one on their garage door. As with other locks in the house, many homeowners are satisfied with the lock that came on their garage door. However, garage doors are often points of entry for burglars. Now is a great time to evaluate your garge door lock to see if you could do with an upgrade. Take a look at the various types of locks available for garage doors. A locksmith Toronto can help you decide which one is right for your home.

Electronically Operated Locks
This type of lock allows access with a fingerprint instead of with a key. Though relatively expensive, it is one of the most secure locks available.

Keyless Digital Locks
No keys are required for this type of lock. A keypad is used and allows access when the correct code is typed into it. Because this lock is mechanical, thieves cannot pick it; therefore it provides great security against intruders. Many manufacturers of these locks even provide lifetime against damage and break ins.

Garage Door Deadbolts
There are two types of garage door deadbolt locks: single cylinder and double cylinder. Single cylinder garage door deadbolts use a key to open from the outside. They contain a knob inside that operates to open the door. With a double cylinder deadbolt, a key must be used on both the inside and outside of the door. Deadbolt locks offer much greater security than the regular spring-style locks often found on garage doors.

T-Handle Locks
Metal garage doors can be made more secure with this style of lock. The keys for these locks have a unique shape that is difficult to replicate. Thieves will have a difficult time overcoming this type of lock.

Side Mounted Bolt
This lock is a deadbolt mounted on the track of the garage door. There is no way to access it from outside the garage door. This option is relatively inexpensive and can provide great security.

Remember, part of locksmithing is providing security from all entry points, including the garage door. Your safety is a locksmith’s top priority.

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