Four Things to Know Before Calling an Auto Locksmith

Many people will need the professional services of a skilled locksmith at multiple points throughout their lives. Some of the more common reasons for setting up service relate to vehicles. After all, without keys, you may not be able to get inside the car or to operate it. Keys can get lost or stolen. Both locks and keys can get damaged. When these or similar situations develop, there is usually an urgent need for service. However, before you make a hasty decision to set up service with a locksmith Toronto, assess the situation by identifying these four critical pieces of information.

1. If Someone Else Can Help

First, you should determine if the need for professional services is legitimate. Some people have an extra set of keys available. If your keys are inaccessible for any reason, you may be able to ask a friend or a family member to bring the keys to you. This could resolve the situation without having to pay for specialized services.

2. Vehicle Details

If you do need to call a professional for lock and key services, you should know the year, make and model of the vehicle. In some cases, even the trim level is important information. Your locksmith will need this information to determine if he has the right equipment and supplies to provide immediate assistance. This is because the locks and keys that are used from vehicle to vehicle vary.

3. The Type of Key

Many modern vehicles use a special key with a microchip. This is intended to be an anti-theft feature, but it has the unfortunate downside of hindering rekeying efforts. Not all professionals have the skills or equipment to address a situation with a microchipped key. In fact, the best solution in this case may be to contact your auto dealership for assistance.

4. The Need for Immediate Service

Some people may quickly become frantic when they realize that they cannot use their vehicle as desired. This is understandable given that most people rely on their vehicles as a sole source of transportation. However, paying for emergency service to remedy the situation can be expensive. You may be able to save money if you can simply wait a few extra hours for standard assistance. For example, if you are locked out of your car and need to drive to work, you may be able to work from home for a few hours while you wait.

As critical as locks and keys are to the usage of your vehicle, it makes sense that you would prefer immediate assistance to address your seemingly critical situation. The best idea is to take a few minutes to fully assess the situation and to think through all possible resolutions. By doing so, you can more easily set up the professional services that are needed to move past this situation.

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