The Locksmith, A Foremost Emergency Responder

A person does not realize the importance of a locksmith until it is impossible to get into a car, house, office or other location due to a jammed lock. When this happens on a day, night or holiday, a locksmith is available to answer your call.


Although the four most common locks used today are deadbolts, levers, padlocks and knob locks, modern technology has brought forth a number of other types of locks. Some of these Cam Locks, Rim/Mortise Locks, Euro Profile Cylinders, Wall Mounted Locks, Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders and others. Each has special features which can be explained by a locksmith.


Security is foremost on many people’s minds today. The constant reports of break-ins, stolen property and other things makes the importance of having good security apparent. Some people decide to have a deadbolt stalled in their home. A single bolt can be installed on the outside only or a double bolt installed on both the inside and outside. The only problem with the latter is that both require a key to open the door, which can be frustrating.

In today’s world, the importance of having the proper locking devices in automobiles, homes, industrial and commercial establishments is extremely important. They are a guard against criminals breaking in, which can leave the property severely damaged.


Your modern locksmith is well aware of the many types of locks available and is trained in installing, repairing and rebuilding all electrical or mechanical locking devices. They are also aware of the latest lock components and have the tools required to handle all types of situations regarding keys. In addition to special training, many states require people in this field to obtain a state-issued license.

A person experienced in locks understands the necessity of fast response when a lock emergency occurs. Thus you will find most offer 24 hour a day, holiday and night service. They realize that lock emergencies can happen at any time.


For example, it is dead of night and you cannot get into your car because it is locked or you have lost your key. You call a locksmith Toronto and when he arrives with a mobile unit and uses his lockpick to open the car door. If a new key is needed, he has the equipment to make it on the spot rather than having you wait until he or she goes back to the shop.

Locksmiths are called in other situations as well. These include working on safes, installing commercial locks, installing and repairing mechanical and electrical locking devices, replacing or replacing worn tumblers and other parts of a lock. They have the knowledge required to work on any type of security device.

Whenever you have a lock problem you will find an expert in locks ready to help.

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