The Locksmith Profession in Canada

According to Canadian Industry Statistics, the locksmith profession in Canada is engaged in a number of different arenas. These include the selling of electronic and mechanical locking devices, the installation of electronic and mechanical locking devices, and maintaining these types of devices. The one exception to what is included within the locksmith profession is the sales and installation of security systems, including locking devices, that does not involve maintenance or initial installation.

Training and Education

Locksmiths must undergo a specific course of education and training. Oftentimes, this occurs through something of an apprenticeship type program under the guidance of well-trained, experienced professional in the field. There are also schools and other entities in Canada that train individuals to become competent in this profession. There are training opportunities that provide a more broad educational experience while others are more focused into a particular industry segment.

In addition to an initial course of training, many professionals in this field take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Particularly since the advent of more high-tech, electronic locks on residential and commercial properties, the need for ongoing education and training has become more important.

Certification Process

Once person completes whatever course of training they elect to pursue, they are eligible to be certified. The certification process does include a background check to ensure that a person certified in this profession does not present some sort of possible threat to the public.

Emergency Services

One broad category of these professionals doing business in Canada are those that provide emergency services. These types of services typically occur in one of three areas. First, there are locksmiths that specialize in providing emergency assistance when a person is locked out of an automobile. Second, there is a group of professionals that provide this type of emergency services to individuals locked out a residence. Finally, there is a category for individuals that deal with commercial lockouts, or individuals who are locked out of businesses. There are a large number of professionals in this industry in the country that provide emergency services in all three categories such as Lock Up Services.

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Specialized Professionals

A number of Canadian professionals in this industry specialize in providing niche services. For example, there are a those attached to the home and business security arena. These individuals oftentimes are involved in the installation and maintenance of certain aspects of a comprehensive home security system. Usually these professionals focus on specialized door and window locks to enhance residential and business security.

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